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100 BOOKS ON ISLAM IN ENGLISH and the End of Orientalism

100 BOOKS ON ISLAM IN ENGLISH and the End of Orientalism

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100 books on Islam in English is a companion guide for anyone who is interested in reading about the different aspects of Islam. The author, HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, has created three main lists to help readers find their way to titles that give a true explanation of Islam. In 100 Books on Islam in English, the reader will find three main lists: “25 Essential Books on Islam in English”, “50 Excellent Books on Islam in English” and “25 Recommended books on Islam in English”. These three lists cover: general introductions to Islam, Qur’anic studies, the life of the Prophet, doctrine, theology, philosophy, law, Sufism, history, culture, art, science and politics. Finally, there is an additional list of 40 general titles that Muslim — and many other — readers would find beneficial.Other books by HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad includes: Love In The Holy Qur’an, War And Peace In Islam; both published at Islamic Texts Society.

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