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The Perfect Summons and General Admonitions

The Perfect Summons and General Admonitions

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In his Preface, Imam Abdullah Alwi Alhaddad said, “The book provides a brief counsel, some advice, sermons and words which soften the heart directed and delivered to these eight categories of people.

Indeed, those who are extravagant, who exceed the bounds and those who allow themselves liberties argue against their Lord perished. Allah, the Exalted Speaker, says about them,

إِنْ يَتَّبِعُونَ إِلاَّ الظَّنَّ وَإِنْ هُمْ إِلاَّ يَـخْرُصُونَ.

“They follow nothing but fancy, and they do nothing but lie.”

Surah 6 an-An’am Verse 116

Author : Imam Abdullah Alwi Alhaddad.
Translator : Muhammad Adam Mmamali.
Translator: Team from Maqam Imam Alhaddad
Editor: Abdulkader Ali Esa Alhadad
Contributor: Ali Esa Abdulkader Alhadad
Contributor: Charity of Esa Abdulkader Ahmad Alhadad

The original Imam Abdullah Alwi Al-Haddad’s manuscripts in Arabic were recompiled into books by Habib Ali Esa Abdulkader Al-Haddad in the 1970s in two volumes. Subsequently, a team led by Habib Ali re-edited and reprinted them into a Collection [Silsilah] of eleven books. Over the years, various inspired parties translated, published and re-distributed them.

The Author, Imam Abdullah Alwi Al-Haddad, was born in Subair, a small suburb overside and east of Tarim, Hadhramaut, South Yemen, on the night 5 Safar 1044 after Hijrah (30 July 1634). He passed away on Tuesday, 7 Dzulqaedah 1132 Hijrah (9 September 1720) and was buried in a simple grave at the graveyard of Zanbal in Tarim. May Allah show mercy on him and reward him abundantly.

The Custodian or Maqam Imam Alhaddad is based in Hawi Tarim Hadramaut Yemen. The Charity of Esa Abdulkader Ahmad Alhadad supports the Maqam and managed the legacy of Imam Alhaddad by preserving his books and continuing with his teachings.

This translation of “The Perfect Summons and a General Admonition” features:

  • one of eleven books in the Imam Abdullah Alwi Alhaddad collection called Silsilah of Imam Alhaddad from the original Arabic Manuscript belonging to the Custodian or Maqam of Imam Al-haddad collected and preserved by his descendant Ali Esa Abdulkader Alhadad in 1971.
  • the original Arabic Text for Quranic Verses, the Hadith of the Prophet (Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him), litanies, invocations, and routine remembrance.
  • a biography of the Author Imam Abdullah Alhaddad.
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