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The Concise Article

The Concise Article

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About The Book

"Do they then only wait for the Hour [waiting] that it comes upon them suddenly? But it has already been foretold! And what will their remembrance avail them, once it has come upon them?- (Quran 47:18)

The Concise Article is a ground-breaking work that sheds light on a neglected aspect of the famous hadith of the Angel Jibril wherein Jibril asked the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about Islam, faith, spiritual excellence, and the signs of the Last Day. The hadith of Jibril is commonly presented as an outline of the three pillars of the religion; however, as the author Habib Abu Bakr al-'Adani notes, it actually speaks of four pillars.

From his detailed study of the stages and portents of the Final Hour, the author distils what he calls the science of fiqh al-tahawullat, or "the science of transitions and changes." In this work he describes the principles by which Muslims should understand the tribulations and momentous changes taking place in the world around them, and provides practical applications for preserving faith and holding fast to the Prophetic way in these difficult times.

About The Author

Habib Abu Bakr al-'Adani b. 'Ali al-Mashhur is a scion of the Prophet's Family from the line of Imam Husayn. Originally from Aden, Yemen and currently living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Habib Abu Bakr is an erudite scholar of the Islamic sciences and a prolific author with over 140 books to his name.

He has established sixteen seminaries (Ribats) for full time study of the Islamic sciences and rigorous spiritual work and eighty-three educational centers throughout Yemen, as well as a center for cultural studies that organizes conferences, seminars, and workshops. He continues to live in Jeddah where he teaches the Islamic sciences and writes works addressing contemporary challenges in light of timeless Prophetic guidance. 

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